Proven Private Label: Build Your Own Brand Of Physical Products

Recently I launched the most popular and successful course I’ve ever launched being the Proven Private Label Course.

The course teaches everything I know about private labeling physical product and how I built several online ‘6 and 7 figure business’ from scratch using private label physical products to build my own brands and by selling those products across various online sales channels, –(all from a remote location in South East Asia, 10,000 miles away from my home country the UK.)-

Private labeling is something that suits my personal corporate background in brand development extremely well and it was a natural transition for me to build brands for my own business after I left the corporate world years ago working in packaging and brand development positions.

I was asked by Jim Cockrum from to produce the Proven Private Label Course specifically for his subscribers. The first release of the course has been hugely popular. –(I put this down mainly to the fact that by delivering a product with added value and a proven step-by-step path to follow, and by offering a quality product that is already in demand, to an already existing hungry audience, success is highly likely!)-

I’ve been overwhelmed by Jim Cockrum’s extremely open and honest relationship he has with his members and subscribers to help his readers build their own successful business. The course proved to be extremely popular and it was an honor and a pleasure to release my course with Jim and his team.

Here’s a couple of posts Jim posted in his Facebook group about me and the PPL course..


Building brands with physical private label products is something I do every day to create income streams from the ground up. The Proven Private Label course and private forum shows you how you can do this too. If you’re interested in the course you can see the details at

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